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You might not realize, but teachers are actually the second parents of students, believe it or not. Children and teenagers get influenced by what their teachers teach them, by the way they see them behave, etc. After all, they spend almost half of their day in schools and thinking about their homeworks. Ask your ward who their role model is and probably you will hear their teachers' names. Following are three sample appreciation letters to teachers for different purposes.

Appreciation Letter to Teacher by Parent


Samantha Rachel
Barry Ryan's Mother

4888 Charack Road
Jeffersonville, IN 47130
Contact Number: 357-322-4799

Date: 05/16/2012

Michael Castillo
Class Teacher
Grade 12
XYZ High School

Dear Mr. Castillo,

This is with regards to our meeting yesterday. I want to confess that before we met yesterday, I was in utter confusion and in lot of tension. I had no idea as to where to take my ward and how to guide him for his further studies. Your words, advices and suggestions really meant a lot. I wish to thank you very much for your time.

Your modern outlook actually helped me quite a lot in narrowing down my search for a good and suitable course for my son. Although he has his strong interests, you made him understand the practicality and the growth opportunities associated with the subjects. At this point of time when the youngsters have to take a decision and stick to it for good, few fortunate people have the chance to get to speak to an experienced teacher like you.

I appreciate it a lot and I will keep you posted about Barry's progress in his chosen path. Thanks.

Sincere regards,

Samantha Rachel
Mother of: Barry Ryan, Grade 12 - C

Appreciation Letter to Teacher by Student

Ryan Joseph
Grade 10
Roll No. 12

Date: 05/16/2012

Tabitha Davis
Class Teacher
Grade 10
XYZ High School

Dear Miss. Davis,

Subject : A letter of gratitude for your kindness

The reason for writing this letter to you Ma'am is very special and very close to my heart. I have been a loner in school so long and no one really knows the reason behind it. Or should I put it as, no one really cared to find out the reason behind my silence? I had withdrawn into my shell after going through my parents' divorce. I had lost faith in all companionship seeing my parents fight and neither did I believe in counseling sessions.

I did not know my essay would touch you so much, it never did to any other teachers. Not that I made an effort of doing so, but the reason behind me backing out from that conversation is that I felt exposed and wanted to recoil for sheltering my personal life. I did not have an outlet to whatever I had to suffer and I still do not believe that I need friends just for sharing my miseries.

However, by writing this letter I just wish to let you know that despite the fact that I stay alone, I am not an ungrateful soul. I express my heart felt gratitude to you for trying to peek inside my heart. It shows that you are a kind human being, a rare quality to find in today's world.

Thank you.

Yours faithfully,
Ryan Joseph

Appreciation Letter to Teacher by Class Representative

Josephine Jesus
Class Representative
Science Department
Zoology Stream
Section A
Roll No. 234

Date: 05/16/2012

Father Jayson Peter
Science Department Head
Zoology Branch
University of Washington

Dear Mr. Peter,

Subject : Thanks for the laboratory equipment

I take this opportunity to write this letter on behalf of Section A, Zoology stream for thanking you for the laboratory equipment. We all are not only thrilled to have our own laboratory, but also utterly delighted to find it updated with the latest instruments. I heartily wish to thank you for the same.

The reason that has made us all happy is the meeting held in the students' council about closing down our department because of lack of proper laboratory facility. We do not know how you did it Sir, but given the fact that many of us are outstation students it was really a big relief to see the department revive and save our future.

We all are aware that the other colleges have varied complicated rules and regulations for giving admissions in the final year for graduation. Hence, it is indeed a big relief.

Thanks a lot Father.

Yours faithfully, Josephine Jesus

Hope these sample appreciation letters help you decide which way to write your personal letter. Remember to mention your details like which class or department you are from, your roll no., etc, for reference for the teacher.

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